Hi! We are The Cream Studio!

Let us briefly present our company’s profile.

The main trends of our design studio are Graphic and Identity design, Photo art, 3D visualization
Besides, we have a great experience in web designing and software development.

The target of our team work is to find the most convenient, simplest, up-to-date and easy-to-use methods and solutions in expressing the main idea of our customers.

Our customer can be anyone: just have an idea and we will make it visualized! Our team comprises self-motivated and passionate individuals who came from different creative backgrounds.


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We design and build amazing things

for you... for ourself... for business... for everything
Graphic Design

Branding and Corporate design

Fundamental graphic elements to achieve consumer recognition and differentiation while symbolizing the strategy and positioning of the brand — logotype, corporate colors, typography & etc.
3D Visualisation

3D Visualisation

We create three-dimensional graphical images of your choice. It can be whatever from rotating logo to 3D model of your future product

Photo art

Exclusively stylish, beautiful, and ...expensive.

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